The Defintion of Marine Pollution is the adding of toxins and harmful chemicals into the ocean, not only is it chemicals added to the ocean but things such as plastic are also found. One of the main problems is that when many of these particles are placed into the ocean, they are quickly eaten by the smaller fish, these fish that are lower down the food chain are then eaten by larger predators, therefore most fish are been toxicated by these harmful and dangerous chemicals. The word pollution, according to, means 'the introduction of harmful substances or products into the environment such as air pollution from cars etc', however for the sake of this project we will concentrate only on marine pollution.

The sources of marine pollution include sewage from farming, forestry, and other land use. Also gases such as nitrogen oxides from power plants and cars are also found in the oceans water. Eroded materials from mining and from the land, also pollute the worlds oceans. Others also include, industrial discharge; wastewater discharge from cities; pesticides from farms, forests, home use etc.; seepage from landfills, oil from cars; heavy machinery; oil drilling companies, oil tanker spillages; also offshore oil drilling and natural seepage causes marine pollution. The final few sources are fishing nets; cargo and cruise ships; beach litter; wastes from plastics industry and landfills. All of these above are the cources which are put into the ocean causing maine pollution, and the effects are fatal. All around the world marine pollution is killing animals. Painting ships with anti-fouling substances, such as tributyl-tin or TBT which stop the growth of marine organisms on their hull causes pollution as it can leach into the water.

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