Solutions to the Problem of Deforestration.

Deforestation has been a problem for many years but it is soon to be a serious problem. There are not only Religous problems but also Environmental problems. We, as humans get our oxygen from trees as they give out oxygen and take in our Carbon Dioxide (waste from breathing). If the trees keep on being cut down at the rate that they are, then oxygen on planet Earth will be at an all-time low. So by stopping Deforestation, we are not only protecting the Earth, we are protecting ourselves.

"Humanity, if it truly desires peace, must be increasingly conscious of the links between natural ecology, or respect for nature, and human ecology," wrote Pope Benedict the 16th on one of his newsletters in the Vatican. This is true, for we never will be at peace with ourselves seeing as the number of enviromental problems in the world are growing (with deforestation being one of the less worrying ones). Despite this it should be near the top of the world's priority list of things to fix. We should:
  • Put in place harsher restrictions on the amount of deforestation that goes on. Governments should not be aloud to cut down trees at the rate which they do because of the effect which it has on the Enviroment. This hard to do though as it is nearly immpossible to police other countries in their affairs.
  • Laws should be put in place which give harsher punishments to logging companies to cut down trees illegally. These people cut down trees at the same rate or faster than those who do it legally. This is also hard to police seeing as it is hard to find those who do it illegally.
  • "Sustainable forestation". Over a long period of time, plant back the trees which have been cut down. This is a great step in the direction of solving the problem of Deforestation.
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