Guest Judges

Each of the projects will be assessed and marked by two of our four guest judges. These judges will be...

Chris Betcher
Chris is from Sydney, Australia, and has been teaching for over 20 years. He is particularly interested in how schools need to change, and how technology can be used to make learning more interesting, relevant, fun and engaging. He has also been a leader in a number of global collaborative initiatives, including the class-based "travel buddy" Sydney-Chicago Project, as well as mentoring students in official collaborative teams like the AT&T Virtual Classroom Contest. Chris has also been a judge for the global ThinkQuest competition. His blog can be found at Betchablog

Sharon Peters
Sharon is from Montréal, Canada and is a teacher at Lower Canada College. She and her students have won multiple awards for online global projects. Recently, Sharon completed her graduate thesis about online learning for high school students. This year, she has used many wikis with her students. Some of the wiki projects include Glengarrypedia, Jerusalem, and the Global Virtual Classroom Team 06 wiki. She and Vicki Davis host a live webcast show each week for educators that feature guests who are leading innovators and thinkers about web 2.0 tools in education. Her blog can be found at Musings.

Vicki Davis
Vicki is from Camilla, Georgia, USA; Vicki is a classroom teacher and worked with the global collaborative project the flat classroom project which won the International edublog award for 2006 for best wiki project. Her class wiki has won many awards and media recognition.
Her blog can be found at CoolCatTeacher

Chris Cosstick
Chris is from London, UK, and is Head of Geography at Richard Challoner School. He has been teaching for 6 years. As a Geographer he is particularly interested in the impact humans have on the natural environment and how local actions lead to global effects. Until last week he had never even heard of a Wiki and is thoroughly looking forward to being part of what appears to be a fantastic project!!